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  • IBall 150M Wireless-N ADSL2 Router + & Broadband Router

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    Technological advancements and scientific progressions have favoured the daily lifestyle of people a lot. In the present times, with the emergence of wireless energy, the benefits enjoyed by mankind have got better. One of the greatest blessing the modern world has received from the cradle of technology is the wireless router, which has made the world a much smaller place to live in. Several brands have come up with this product in the due course of time, but the amazing iBall 150M Wireless Router has stood above all in respect to efficiency and performance and has won the heart of the masses in large number.
    Specifications and Features
    This iBall product comes with a plastic body which discards chances of a short circuit. Being remote controlled in nature, this one of a kind product has a wireless transmission rate of 150Mbps, which is absolutely stupendous. The product is very light in nature and just weighs 798 grams. The dimension of the product is 26.2x18.2x7cm, and it can be easily implanted on any desired wall in the house or in office with ease and minimum effort. The body of the device is black in colour, and identification lights are fixed on it to find out the strength of the connection. This is a product to own with immediate effect where technology has so much to offer to us. In the box, a warranty card for one year is provided along with the product. If any fault in the proper functioning of the product is detected, it would get immediately replaced.
    Features at a Glance

    2.4 GHz
    Up to 150 Mbps
    1 Wan, 4 Lan
    WPA/WPA2 connectivity
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  • IBall IB-WRB150N 150M Wireless N Broadband Router

    Item Code: #453217907

    Availability: In stock

    From the house of the ever popular iBall comes a new age sensational wireless router called iBall 150M Wireless N Broadband Router. This product is tremendously beneficial in both corporate and domestic fields, and it comes in a very economical price range, providing great features and specifications.
    Specifications and Features
    Having a dimension of 26x16.4x7.2cm, this one of a kind wireless router weighs just 381 grams and can be fixed to any wall. It comes with a plastic body which eliminates the chances of a short circuit, which is quite important while using an electrical appliance. This one of a kind router has proved itself to be one of the greatest blessings the modern world has received from the cradle of technology and has made the world a much smaller place to live in. It complies with IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3 standards pretty effectively. The inclusion of security features like MAC, IP and Domain filtering, have made this product better. On top of that, this router works great with 1 - WAN Port & Wireless-N AP, 4 - 10/100M LAN Port, which make it technically advanced beyond imagination. The type of connection it supports are that of Dynamic IP, Static IP, and most importantly PPPoE. AP Router and WDS are the two operation modes one can avail of this product. This is a product to own with immediate effect where technology has so much to offer us. The shape is that of a rectangular three dimensional box with the wireless stick fixed on the side, capable of rotating as per need.
    Special Features

    PPPoE, Static IP & Dynamic IP connection
    Compatible with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u standards
    IP, MAC & Domain filtering
    4 - 10/100M LAN Port, 1 - WAN Port & Wireless-N AP
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