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  • Multipurpose Transparent Plastic Storage Box With Removable Dividers For Storing Various Items.

    Item Code: #453217907

    Availability: In stock

    This is a multipurpose storage box. It can be used to store various items like pills,Pen, ear-rings, jewelry, small toys, screws, stationery and a lot of small items. The dividers are removable and you can attach or remove them as per your requirement. For example you can remove thedividers for making a longer compartment.

  • Premium Quality Multipurpose Easy To Carry 3 Layer Storage Box Container With Handle - For Tools, Screws, Toys, Stationery, Clips, Accessories, Hardwa

    Item Code: #453217907

    Availability: In stock

    This Storage Box has a multipurpose design. It has a top transparent layer with separate slots for storing clips, stationery items and screws and other household hardware items. A second removable layer can hold stationery items like pens, crayons, erasers, pencils, and other items. Below this removable layer lies a large base layer which can store small books, toys, toy collectible cars, small dolls etc. It has a main push lock and smaller secondary locks. A handle makes it convenient for carrying it. It is made from hard plastic and is washable and durable. 

    Available in Multiple Random Colors. All Colors are Equally Good; HOWEVER OPTION TO SELECT A PARTICULAR COLOR IS NOT AVAILABLE WITH THIS PRODUCT. 

    Multipurpose in its use, and with a transparent lid, it is the easiest of ways to put and store your essentials and home accessories in one place. 

    Product Features:- 

    Multipurpose 3 Layer Storage Box with Transparent Lid Lets You See The Contents Easily. 

    Upper Layer with Slots and Compartments to Store Pins, Screws, Nails, Clips and Other Small Stationery. 

    Removable Second Layer Within.Base Layer Keeps Toys, Tools, Toy Cars, Etc. 

    Multiple Locks System with Push Lock. Comfortable Handle for Easily Carrying It Anywhere. 

    Made from Good Quality Hard Plastic.Washable and Durable.